1. Increase self-sufficiency, financial independence and successful outcomes for families in St. Paul’s area through the provision of suitable housing choices and capacity-building supportive services of People First.

  2. Deconcentrate poverty and develop high quality mixed-income, mixed-use communities of choice.

  3. Provide access to excellent educational opportunities in partnership with Norfolk Public Schools, local colleges and universities and early childhood education institutions.

Those are the goals for the St. Paul’s Area in Norfolk.  Within the roughly 200 acres east of downtown Norfolk, are three public housing communities, Calvert Square, Tidewater Gardens and Young Terrace.  There are approximately 4500 residents of which 2200 are children, living in 1700 units.  Residents want change, and have participated in multiple community meetings where they envision a new neighborhood with mixed-income housing, parks, retail and other amenities. The City of Norfolk and NRHA are committed to ensuring that throughout this transformation process, people always come first.


The City of Norfolk and NRHA have developed a set of guiding principles that ensure that people come first in all decision making and that affected residents in Tidewater Gardens, Calvert Square and Young Terrace are included in the process from start to finish. We will work with the residents and will undertake this effort with the following guiding principles:


St. Paul's Area Revitalization decisions shall be family-focused and family priorities will be paramount in service delivery and relocation decisions.


Honoring the housing choices of families In Tidewater Gardens, Calvert Square and Young Terrace shall be the highest priority.



Economic development benefits can mitigate costs but not outweigh family-focused decision making.

St. Paul's Revitalization strategies shall strive to have positive impacts on surrounding neighborhoods.



Collaborative partnerships shall be pursued to implement a human development plan that will include high quality supportive services in the areas of employment, education, public safety, housing services and health.


Decision making will reflect continuous input, transparency and feedback from residents and all other stakeholders.

It is critical that residents living within Tidewater Gardens, Calvert Square and Young Terrace public  housing communities receive education, access to jobs, and life-skills training to be successful as St. Paul's Area is transformed. The City of Norfolk, NRHA and community partners believe the welfare of people must come first in every phase of redevelopment. While this is a multi-year urban development and  revitalization effort, the “People First”  initiative has been created to begin immediately to ensure the safety, well-being and success of our public housing residents now by offering life-skills training, along with educational and job opportunities.

The public will be a part of the visioning and planning for the revitalization of the St. Paul’s Area. This website, along with the St. Paul’s Area Facebook page, community newsletters and other communications are several ways we will provide frequent, open, honest and transparent communication to everyone, including public housing residents, community stakeholders, business leaders, clergy, and the citizens of Norfolk, Hampton Roads and beyond. Open communication is paramount to the success of the St. Paul’s Area initiative. We encourage you to check this website frequently to find out the latest and most accurate information about the process, meetings and other information you need as we work together to revitalize this vibrant part of the city of Norfolk.

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